Ep #1: Why You’re Not Taking Action

Weight is the enemy of wealth and well-being. In my work with hedge fund managers, I’ve come to identify four different types of weight that inhibit profitability and undermine wealth. You don’t have to be a hedge fund manager to know what this weight feels like. We all suffer from it, and it comes in four flavors:

  • Logistical weight is the detritus of your to-do list. It’s all the peripheral, frustrating stuff that keeps you running but doesn’t get you anywhere. Logistical weight is too much to do, not enough time to do it, and all of it distracts from your core mission.
  • Emotional weight involves the unproductive, unpleasant feelings that prevent us from taking action. Who among us hasn’t felt scared or depressed or angry or confused or overwhelmed, and that kept us from doing well in our work? Emotional weight affects all of us in our ability to earn and create wealth.
  • Mental Weight occurs when our identity is at odds with our success. We all identify ourselves as players of a certain type, and the “way we play the game” typically puts ceilings on our income. Mental weight also includes the opinions of those around us. We’re tribal creatures, and what our tribe thinks about how we earn or how much we earn can weigh heavily on our minds and undermine our profitability.
  • The fourth kind of weight is physical weight. Physical weight occurs when our experience of the physical world leaves us feeling trapped and bogged down. It’s typically a byproduct of the other kinds of weight. When we feel burdened by logistical, mental, and emotional weight, that’s when we do the things that pack pounds on our bodies and fill our lives with things we don’t need.

Why is it important to get out from under the four types of weight? Because talent is like a racehorse. Weigh it down too much, and it cannot perform. Whoever you are, and whatever you do, getting out from under these burdens is critical to your success.

It’s also critical to your well-being. We currently think about wealth in terms of just one thing: money. But wealthy people enjoy a lot more than money. They enjoy riches in all areas of their lives, and they do not suffer the burdens that the rest of us carry. Rich goes beyond money, just as thin goes beyond body mass. Join us for this show, learn a new definition for wealth and what it means to have it, and get started on the road to creating more bank with less bulk.

1 thought on “Ep #1: Why You’re Not Taking Action”

  1. Kelly nails it with her insightful assessment of the weighty things in life. I’m ready to unbulk and can’t wait for the next episode!

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