Back when I was struggling with my eating, I went to a high-end weight-loss spa for two weeks. I dieted in that luxurious, stress-free cocoon alongside movie stars and owners of major-league sports franchises. I lost 14 pounds for the whopping price of $14,000, and as soon as I returned to the real world, the weight piled right back on.

A valuable lesson: Weight loss must occur as real life is happening or it won’t last.

Yet women are continually told choose what to focus on: weight loss or wealth. This is because the diet industry basically offers a single inferior “solution” to weight loss. It’s called white-knuckling. White-knuckling is what occurs when your brain wants something and you fight against it. This is like holding a beach ball underwater. You can do it for a little while, but at the slightest distraction, it pops up and hits you in the face. In my case, the beach ball came in the form of two Cinnabons that I ate at the airport when I left that spa.

I know better now. Your brain will always win, so the way to permanent weight loss is to change your mind about what you want. With this approach, it’s easy to solve both weight and wealth issues at the same time, because the mental tools are the same. Once you learn them in one context, you can’t unlearn them. You start applying them in all areas of your life. My clients who come to me looking for a weight loss solution inevitably earn more money. And my clients who come to me looking to increase their incomes inevitably lose weight.

So this is why I help women get both rich and thin. When you have the right tools, it’s easy to do both.

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