The wealthiest people I know often credit their riches to Napoleon Hill’s famous book, “Think & Grow Rich.”

I’m glad the book helped them, but it fell flat for me. I WANTED to think and grow rich, but I was skeptical. I know that money comes from taking action–from serving people and providing value.

But Napoleon Hill was on to something–he just didn’t explain it in a way that satisfied my skeptical nature. Today I’m going to share with you WHY our thinking matters.

It’s all very linear:

Step 1: We think a thought. What are thoughts? They’re simply sentences that run through our minds. “I’m fat and disgusting,” is a thought. “I’m going to make money this month,” is a thought. “I’ll never get ahead,” is also a thought.

Step 2: Our thoughts trigger emotions. The sentences that run through our minds trigger chemical responses that generate vibrations in our bodies.

We call these vibrations emotions. Emotions (also known as feelings) are usually described with one word. Fear. Excitement. Love. Loathing. Shame.

Step 3: Emotions fuel our actions. This part cannot be overstated.

If we think thoughts that trigger a shame response, such as “I’m fat and disgusting,” we may be motivated to overeat to numb ourselves from emotional pain.

If we think thoughts that trigger excitement and determination, such as, “I’m going to make money this month,” that may motivate us to roll up our sleeves, dig in and take the actions to make that happen. We reach out to customers. We offer value. We make the sale.

If we think thoughts that trigger hopelessness or resentment, such as  “I’ll never get ahead,” we may blow through money indiscriminately, because what’s the point of even trying if it’s never going to happen?

Step 4: Our actions create our results. 

If we overeat, we gain weight. If we take action at work, we earn. If we blow through money on needless things,, we don’t get ahead.

Now here’s the magic part: Our results always confirm what we were originally thinking.

If we think, “I’m fat and disgusting,” and feel shame, we may overeat to dull the sensation. And by overeating, we perpetuate exactly what we were thinking about ourselves.

If we think, “I’m going to earn money this month” and feel excited and determined, we reach out to customers, offer value, and make sales. And what’s the result? We do earn money this month.

If we think, “I’ll never get ahead” and feel hopeless or resentful, we may spend money indiscriminately. And then what happens? We never get ahead.

Every single time, our thoughts create our results. Why? Not because of some metaphysical nonsense, but because our thoughts generate our feelings, which drive our actions, which create our results. 

In other words, we make our thoughts come true through our feelings and our actions. 

This is why what you think matters. It’s why Napoleon Hill was on to something.

In my mind, the only other piece that was missing from his famous book is the important fact that the right kind of thinking doesn’t just get you rich. It can also get you thin. 

What you think determines if you will find overeating fun or abhorrent. What you think determines if you will find earning money a soul-sucking slog or a fascinating game. What you think determines if overspending is something you will routinely do, or wouldn’t even consider.

In short, what you think determines if you will be broke and bulky, or Rich & Thin.

Hope this helps you on your Rich & Thin journey!


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