I spent 25 years in the hedge fund industry, where track record is everything. I don’t believe in promises. I believe in performance. I hit my goals, and I want the same thing for you. See below for testimonials from clients who’ve gone through coaching to get Rich & Thin:
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Kelly’s approach to business is different because women are different. She focuses on directly, quickly, and frankly exposing the debilitating mindsets that have held us back. No 40-page ‘how to’ here. This is tangible information to get me up and running and making money. My actions based on her instructions will be the catalyst. I’m taking responsibility for my success. Amazing class. I highly, highly recommend her and her instruction.

Aida Zeff

My coaching sessions with Kelly have been so inspiring and helpful. I have experienced some major breakthroughs in my business (more sales, more confidence, etc.). I have also found new strength in my resolve to lose weight and tackle some of my less desirable habits. I can’t say enough about Kelly’s skills at pulling out the ‘real meat’ to work on. She has a gentle way about her that creates a safe place to be honest & vulnerable, yet she doesn’t hesitate to say what needs to be said!

I would highly recommend Kelly as a coach to anyone that is looking to make positive changes in both their personal life and business.

Jenn Williamson

Kelly, I want to thank you for everything you taught me. I never imagined I could lose weight without it being painful, restricting, anxiety-provoking and torturous.

After struggling with my weight since I was 10 years old, I finally feel as though I am in control of my eating, drinking, and exercise habits. I never imagined six hours of one-on-one coaching would accomplish what 40 years of failed dieting never could. Your coaching has given me the skills to maintain a lifestyle that promotes mental and physical health while losing weight easily.

It’s a dream come true for me.

Mindy Cardwell

Kelly helped me realize that I cannot do everything. That I need to focus on that one thing that will help me drive my career and desire for independence forward. By working with her I was also able to discover that my unusual path to success was an asset and not a hindrance. She gave me tools and information that I can use to further agendas both in my personal and professional life. I come from a highly technical background in the financial industry and was impressed with how diverse her knowledge is. With her help I was able to up my game and take my career and personal goals to the next level. Quentin Rider


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