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Think and Grow Rich (& Thin!)

The wealthiest people I know often credit their riches to Napoleon Hill's famous book, "Think & Grow Rich." I'm glad the book helped them, but it fell flat for me. I WANTED to think and grow rich, but I was skeptical. I know that money comes from taking...

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Why I coach weight and wealth at the same time

Back when I was struggling with my eating, I went to a high-end weight-loss spa for two weeks. I dieted in that luxurious, stress-free cocoon alongside movie stars and owners of major-league sports franchises. I lost 14 pounds for the whopping price of…

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Why nice people at work are a problem

My clients who underearn always tell me, “But it doesn’t matter. I work with really nice people.” And I ask them, “Do you drag yourself out of bed at five a.m. to go see the nice people at work, or do you do it for the money?” It’s...

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Why asking for something at work isn’t a risk

Readers of my blog post on Risk vs. Safety implored me to edit the post. They assured me that it is indeed risky to ask for things at work. “You could get fired,” my mom told me. That’s fear talking. It’s not the way things work in the real...

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Why you should kick positive thinking to the curb

When my clients beat themselves up about something, they often stop and say, “I know I should think positive.” I say no. Positive thinking always feels like a lie. When you’re feeling down on something, trying to think positively about it is like...

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Is your life a comedy or a tragedy?

How do you tell your life story? Today I was working with a client who was having a hard weekend as she contemplated the story of her life. She got pregnant at 17, had a baby, and lost her friends. She raised her daughter and cared for her sick parents, and then they...

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