What does it feel like to be Rich & Thin?

It feels like FREEDOM.


What does it feel like to be Rich & Thin?

It feels like Freedom.

The Duchess of Windsor famously said, “You can never be too rich or too thin.”

How do you feel about this quote? I was always amused. I giggled at the idea of being Rich & Thin, but I wouldn’t let myself have it, because on the surface it seemed a bit shallow. But the idea resonated with me on a deep level. For reasons I didn’t quite understand, I felt a primal attraction to the prospect of getting Rich & Thin, and I didn’t know why. In a word, I felt conflicted.

What was this primal attraction? I knew it wasn’t about having a bony body at all costs. I’ve been to Weight Watchers. I’ve counted points and white-knuckled my way to goal weight. I didn’t find deep meaning when I arrived. What I found was crazed desperation, and an insatiable desire for a Big Mac.

I also knew that the appeal of getting Rich & Thin wasn’t about having money. I’ve made money. I know there are some things money can do, and some problems it cannot possibly solve.

So what’s this attraction to getting Rich & Thin all about? Why do we want it so much? And why is more than okay to want it?

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