Ep #2: Think and Grow Rich & Thin

One of the first things I learned in the hedge fund industry is that wealthy people think differently—WAY differently–than the rest of us. Often they come by this way of thinking unconsciously, or they pick it up from others in their vicinity. However they acquire this manner of thinking, it leads to their success. But then something can happen—a trading loss, a trauma, or other significant events—that can cause them to change the way they think, and that changes everything for them. Once they deviate from their initial thinking patterns, success begins to feel elusive.

I teach hedge fund managers and other entrepreneurs a framework that helps them deliberately create patterns that led to their success in the past so that they can make success happen again in the future. My clients learn to analyze the way they were thinking during successful periods versus unsuccessful periods, and they learn to direct their thoughts in ways that generate productive emotions, actions, and results.

The terrific news is that this process is very learnable. Anyone—even those of us who haven’t yet hit upon how to generate wealth—can learn this framework and manner of thinking. Once you learn it, you start thinking like a wealthy person, and when you think like a wealthy person, you start feeling and acting like a wealthy person, and you start creating wealth.

Wealth means that you’re rich in the things you want, including money and everything else that money can enhance but cannot possibly replace. Wealthy people are also unburdened by the things that weigh most of us down. Just as rich goes beyond money, thin goes beyond body mass. This framework will help you get what you want, and get out from under everything that’s weighing you down.

Join us today to hear about this framework and how it works. You, too, can learn to think and grow Rich & Thin!

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